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"Best Web Hosting"In my opinion the best domain name registrar is NameCheap. I use them to register some of my domains, however since they don’t offer bulk purchase discounts I have had to go elsewhere to do large orders.

The reason I like them is because of the ease of use of their web site, specially their order page. Compared to GoDaddy, where it feels like 3-4 unnecessary pages of add-on offers, NameCheap keeps it relatively easy.

Perhaps the best feature at NameCheap is the private whois protection you get for free, even when only purchasing 1 domain. At Godaddy you need to purchase at least 6 domains to get this feature free, else it costs 8-9$ extra per domain.

Now, I am not saying that you should not use GoDaddy, heck, I rank it nr. 2 on my list of domain name registrars. I just don’t like their order page or their marketing strategies in general. To be fair I would recommend NameCheap for small orders and GoDaddy for larger, bulk, orders.

"Best Web Hosting"My review of NameCheap

  • Price: Great for small orders (free whois privacy)
  • Web site/order page: simple and quick
  • Control panel: simple, intuitive

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