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Best Shared Web Hosting

"Best Shared Web Hosting"

Web hosting offers services for people to have their own websites. This is done by storing the files of the website on a web server and making them available whenever needed. Web hosting services can be got from web hosts or web hosting providers that help webmasters to launch their websites.  In my opinion one of the best web hosting companies is Host Gator. I use them to host all my web sites and recommend them to anyone. They are the first “big time” web host I have been with that actually offer good web hosting, if not great! My past experience with the major players is that quality in service is often neglected in favor of marketing. This seems not to be the case with Host Gator, both from my experience and from the reviews and recommendations I have seen online.

My review

  • Price: Great
  • Web space: A lot (more than enough)
  • Traffic: Unlimited (don’t count on hosting the next on an “unlimited” plan though)
  • Control Panel: Cpanel (in my opinion the best control panel around)
  • Support: Very, very, good (around 2 hours response in my experience)
  • Add-on domains: Unlimited (this means you can host more than 1 web site on the same account)
  • Money back guarantee: 45 days

Best shared web hosting explained

"Best Shared Web Hosting"

Shared web hosting is one of the most affordable ways for webmasters to get their websites online. In this type of web hosting multiple clients are hosted on a single web server. Thus the resources are shared among all the clients that make use of that particular web server and the maintenance cost of the server is shared among them. Opinions differ on who runs the best shared web hosting operation. Some might say company A is best, while others hate company A but love company B. The reason for this can be that a relatively “bad” web hosting service places you on a server the runs smoothly, while the next customer is placed on a “problem” server. This is one example of why it will always be difficult to meet a consensus on which company offers best shared web hosting.

However, as I explain in the webhosting basics article, the best web hosting companies have procedures in place to prevent too many customers per shared server, monitor preemptively, and move high-demanding customers to other servers. This way providing a constant, high-quality, web hosting service.

"Best Shared Web Hosting"Other reasons for a dispute to who is the best shared web hosting provider can be customer A’s vs. customer B’s experience with the support department at the host. All companies hire “bad” apples from time to time, but only the good companies have quality assurance of their support tickets, and procedures to help the employee attain the correct skills or “attitude”. This meaning that the good hosts will provide a steady, high-quality, support to their customers.


"Best Shared Web Hosting"Shared web hosting is highly suitable for all kinds of websites. An added advantage is that your website will be accessible online within 24 hours and you can be certain that the hosting expenses will be within your budget. But make sure that the web host of your choice is highly capable of hosting your website without any sort of compromise.

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