Take Care Of This Before Registering A Domain Name

"Best Web Hosting"Why having domain name is important?

If you are looking forward to start your own website or blog the most important thing that you will require is a domain name .If you upload any content or write any thing it won’t be visible to the public unless you get a domain name. So if your business or anything needs a brand name in internet you must need a domain name for it.

Why should I make my domain name private?

"Best Web Hosting"

Answer for this question is very simple. If you are having a domain name of yourself for your blog or website then any one can know your identity and address just through the WHOIS search .If a person enters your domain name on WHOIS search then he will get to know private information such as address, mobile number etc . This information is very personally and thats why you will not want your personal information to be viewed by others. If one wants to hide such information then he will need to make his domain private by using the privacy features offered by his domain provider.

Giving fake information to domain provider.

Giving fake information to domain provider is  wrong thing If you think that to hide your personal information you will provide your domain provider with fake information then you may get into trouble .If you do such thing then your domain name may get into trouble as this is against the rule of ICANN which is the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers.

How to make domain name private?

"Best Web Hosting"Making the domain name private is very easy but you may need to spend money for it. After you have bought the domain name you will need to pay the domain company few dollars to activate the privacy features .A domain company may charge you from 1$ to 5$ for domain privacy for a year or more. This is an important thing so don’t consider money make your domain private so you can avoid many spasm and also you can keep your contact information and many personal things as private and secure.

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