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Web Hosting Uptime Guarantee

"Best Web Hosting Uptime Guarantee"

Why Uptime Guarantee?

Web hosting providers often find ways to satisfy their potential and existing clients. One of such methods is by providing the best uptime guarantee possible. Uptime guarantee depicts the total running time of the web server. This is very essential as the website cannot be accessed by its users if the server is down. Uptime guarantee is expressed in percentage. For instance, when a web hosting provider says that he is providing a 90% uptime guarantee, it simply means that within a period, (30 days for example), the website will be up and running for at least 90% of 30 days. If however the agreement is not fulfilled, then certain measures will be taken to say sorry to the client. Some of the employable measures are:

"Best Web Hosting Uptime Guarantee"

1) Refunding fees for not being able to perform during the days of failed service.
2) Providing web hosting services at no cost for a period of say 20-30 days depending on the down time.
3) Reducing the amount payable as web hosting fee for some time.
Web hosting providers can provide the best web hosting uptime guarantee of up to 99.9% within thirty days. By this, there is only a risk of having a downtime of just 2,592 seconds (that is 43.2 minutes) within the month.

Advantages of Uptime Guarantee

"Best Web Hosting Uptime Guarantee"

With the best web hosting uptime guarantee, web owners can be compensated and paid back in full for not being able to work during downtime. This ensures harmonious relationship band satisfaction between web hosts and clients. Best uptime guarantee is vitally important as it is one among the factors that decides the online presence of a website. When web hosts have the same uptime guarantee, it becomes pretty difficult to make a decision on which one to go for. At this time, checking the past performances of the best web hosting service providers and analyzing customers’ reviews will pay. Also, there are possibilities for webmaster to encounter many problems if the uptime is low. Therefore, hosting experts recommend website owners to verify the uptime guarantee offered by the web host before signing up the contract. Do keep in mind that a reliable uptime guarantee not only enhances the reputation of the web hosting provider, but it also boosts up the reputation of your website among your clients. Though no web hosting company can offer a 100% uptime guarantee, it is always better to go for the host that offers the maximum.

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